Our Mission

We are dedicated to the gaming community and strive to create a memorable experience for all gamers by hosting an annual convention.  Our goal is to create a warm, welcoming environment that allows us to gather together as friends and family.

Come relax, eat, drink and PLAY.


IndyCon is unlike any other gaming convention in the world. Eleven years ago we had a dream about a special weekend of gaming. It was purposely created as an invitational. By being one handshake away from all other attendees, we could insure a warm, fun, comfortable environment for everyone. This allowed you to sit beside someone that was a friend or would become a new friend. Welcome to being one of Tami and Dave’s closest friends.

Past Reviews

“We had a great time! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming to us newcomers. It was great to get to know people and try out new games. We will definitely try to attend in the future!
— Ashley Holmes

“Love this event and the people that I’ve met and get to play games with!
— Joshua Gustin

“A great weekend for games, run by an amazing crew.
— Tim Aberli